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    Braemoor is a 120 Bed, skilled care facility, that has provided quality healthcare services to the Greater Brockton Community since 1939. It is a private, family owned facility, and one of the first in Brockton to be accredited by the Joint Commission. Braemoor has cable television service, is air conditioned with both single and double bed rooms, and surrounded by three acres of landscaped area.


    Braemoor has consistently been ranked as one of the top healthcare facilities in Massachusetts by the Department of Public Health, the industry= s regulatory authority.

(refer to www.state.ma.us/dph/qtool2)


Short Term Rehabilitative Care,

Respite Care,

Traditional long term care.

Hospice Care

Complex Medical Care

Staffing ratios on all nursing wings are in excess

of those required by the Department of Public Health.

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Our Admitting Office screens each patient individually to ensure admission to Braemoor will best meet his/her health care needs. Most referrals are received through the hospital, but can also be obtained from the emergency room, doctor= s office, and the Community. Patients are admitted with a physician= s order, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Off hour referrals are relayed immediately to the responsible charge person.

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Each patient= s treatment is directed through a personalized multi-discipline care plan. The Care Plan is reviewed daily at our Skilled Team Meeting attended by all disciplines to ensure the Plan stays current and progresses with the patient. The Team works closely with the family to include them as much as possible in the planning process, and to help the patient meet his or her optimum level of functioning.

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Medical services are supervised by our Medical Director, Associate Medical Director for Sub-Acute Care, and our Medical Services Quality Assurance Committee, which is co-chaired by a community practicing physician.

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Braemoor specializes in short term rehabilitation with the goal for home discharge as soon as practical. Our Social Services Department plans each discharge separately ensuring services such as home health care, dining, nursing or therapy care as well as any specialized equipment is available if needed. Braemoor provides patient and family teaching to ensure the patient and the care provider can perform home functions as independently as possible.

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Braemoor is Medicare and Medicaid certified, and accepts most insurances including: Tufts, Secure Horizons, Blue Cross Blue Shield, First Seniority, Harvard Pilgrim, Fallon, Aetna, Cigna, and Private Pay. Our Business Office works closely with families and patients and is available to answer questions on insurance eligibility and coverage.

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    If you are thinking of having general or orthopedic surgery, and would like to know what your recovery process may include, Braemoor will meet with you prior to hospitalization to review your recovery plan, tour you through our inpatient program, introduce you to the nursing and rehabilitation team and answer questions on your insurance coverage.


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Braemoor is one of the few skilled care facilities in Massachusetts licensed to provide outpatient services. Our clinic helps to reduce the length of inpatient stay by providing a strong continuum of care with the same rehab team, following discharge.

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& Braemoor is a family, privately owned facility

& All services provided at Braemoor Monday through Friday are provided or are available to patients on weekends.

& Braemoor has a Senior Medical Director, an Assistant Medical Director for Sub-acute Services, and a Medical Services Committee which meets monthly with two community physicians that sit on the Committee.

& The Assistant Medical Director for Sub-acute Services rounds daily at Braemoor Monday through Friday.

& Braemoor specializes in PT/OT/ST rehabilitation. Services are provided on a 7000 sq ft on-site Rehabilitation Wing.

& Braemoor is licensed by the DPH to operate an OUTPATIENT REHABILITATION CLINIC. This Clinic is operated on-site, and provides a comfortable and easy transition for those short term patients that require therapy after discharge, and contributes to a shorter length of in-patient stay.

& Braemoor provides an on-site computer link to the two major Brockton hospitals allowing attending physicians to immediately access hospital information on their patients.

& Braemoor maintains an on-site EKG machine to accomplish stat EKGs on physician order.

& Braemoor admits patients 24 hours a day 7 days a week, averaging greater than 500 admissions a year: 14% of all admissions are accomplished on weekends.

& Department of Public Health requires a staffing ratio of 2.6/hrs per patient day. On Braemoor= s skilled/sub-acute units, at average census, Braemoor= s staffing ratio is 4.33/hrs per patient per day.

& 94% of all patients admitted for short term care are discharged to the community. 6% are discharged to acute.

& The average length of stay for short term patients is 10 to 12 days.

& Braemoor conducts training with patients and families prior to discharge on medically necessary issues to enhance successful transition to the community.

& Braemoor maintains a DME consignment closet on site to ensure all patients are discharged with appropriate equipment.

& Braemoor has consistently scored well on the Department of Public Health Quality of Care Annual Surveys.

& Braemoor completed its most current tri-annual JCAHO survey with a score of 94%.

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